Wirtum SPHERA™

Stress relief and electrosmog free
bioresonance device

2014.04.18. - Company name


The next important decision to be made was the name of the company. We wanted to find a word that sounds like Latin, and suggests the wisdom of the long past and consists of an even number of letters that stand stable. Of course we primarily concentrated on the profile of the company. We created the name ‘Wirtum’ from the words ‘virtus’ (virtue) and ‘virtuális’ (virtual).

We placed this word on the line of the Danube, which was inspired by the geographical location of Buda and Pest (translator’s note: Budapest, the Hungarian capital was originally two independent cities, Buda and Pest. Buda is on the Western bank of the Danube; Pest is on the Eastern side). By the connection of the two elements the logo of the company was born; its colouring symbolises water, purity and health.

The name of the device also caused some difficulties. We came to the conclusion that an expression connected to air would fit our device the best, taking into consideration its usage, technical characteristics and operational principle. Initially we gave the device the name ‘Athear’, which comes from the Latin word ‘aether’ (‘ether’ in English). In a later post, I will discuss why we decided to change the name…

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