Wirtum SPHERA™

Stress relief and electrosmog free
bioresonance device

2014.03.30. - Developing the logo


Developing the logo of the company was an important task. As the first step, we agreed that we are going to use symbols that represent the profile of our company and are characteristics of Hungary and the Hungarians, blended with deep meaning. We did not get any inspiration while taking a look at the possible Hungarian objects, emblems and symbols. However, while examining the map of the country, we were surprised to find a form, which we had never noticed before. (Coincidence No. 2.)

We chose the Bend of the Danube, or more precisely, line of the Danube from the Basilica in Esztergom to the Parliament in Budapest. This section of the river forms an open heart, which accurately represents the character and mission of our company.

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