Wirtum SPHERA™

Stress relief and electrosmog free
bioresonance device



I started to design the shape of the device and the logo of the company.

While examining the different forms and shapes, it came to my mind that a few years ago I read a book about sacred geometry. At that time I thoroughly examined the different mathematical shapes and ratios, and what was most important to me, the occurrence of these ratios in nature.

Creating correct ratios was essential because the subconscious part of our brain decides with the help of these ratios if we see a given object, living being, human face or body attractive or ugly and unimportant.

The best known of these ratios is the 1.618, the golden section, which is in close relationship with the Fibonacci sequence. It might be incredible, but we meet this ratio several times every day. This ratio occurring in nature was used by many world brands, including Adidas, Toyota, Pepsi, Twitter and Apple!

Another, but not as well known ratio is the 7.23 cm. In the spiritual meaning, 7.23 cm equals to the “Om” syllable, which is considered the vibration of the universe by the Hindus. The average distance between the centres of our pupils is 7.23 cm, as well as the distance between the chin and the tip of the nose, the line crossing our palms, or the distance between our chacras. This 7.23 cm distance manifests itself different ways on different parts of our body. 

We could not apply these ratios in the design of the logo, thus I decided to use a different approach (which will be the topic for a later post).

However, during the test of the first prototype of the Wirtum SPHERA, I was surprised to see that the length of the device is between 7.2 and 7.3 cm… (Coincidence No. 1.)

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