Wirtum SPHERA™

Stress relief and electrosmog free
bioresonance device

The idea!


Who is the target audience?

What should the device be able to do?

Where are people going to use it?


After long discussions, calculations and speculations the idea was born: we are going to produce a therapeutic device with the looks and size of a pendrive, which is portable, and can be operated from an accumulator or the USB port of a computer as well.


Workers of the modern society work more and more with machines, especially computers in multi-storey office blocks, but deep inside they feel that they moved away from nature and sometimes even from themselves. This is why many of them try to live a healthy lifestyle, do sports and follow different diets, but they still cannot fend off certain harmful environmental effects. The fact that I also work in similar circumstances and do everything to protect my health simplified the development.


Later this also motivated us when we were programming the radiated program: how does regular work done before computers affect the human organism?


The program was designed to reduce or even neutralize the effects considered negative:

- By neutralizing the surrounding electrosmog, it can relieve anxiety

- Harmonizes the body, or in other words, the organism selects the currently needed harmonising resonances (from the 1 Hz-100 kHz range)

- Treats the skeletal muscles, which become numbed or deformed after sitting in one place for 8 hours

- Treats the eyes, which become tired and impaired on the long run because of the use of monitors


The concept is ready, but what comes next?

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