Wirtum SPHERA™

Stress relief and electrosmog free
bioresonance device

Wirtum SPHERA™ Stress relief and electrosmog free bioresonance device

Wirtum SPHERA™ was developed to relieve stress, neutralize the effects of electrosmog from the exterior environment, achieve a psychical and mental balance (harmonisation) and calm the eyes and organism strained by computer work. The bioinformational harmonisation device has opened a new chapter in the field of chemical-free treatments. This mobile wellness device is based on bioresonance therapy, which provides the most efficient support for the direction of living biological systems nowadays.


What is bioresonance therapy (BRT)?

BRT is a method that has electromagnetic effect on the cells through their information systems. Cells are the smallest units of a living organism and are capable of independent actions. These signals are extraordinarily weak electromagnetic and mechanic oscillations, which achieve changes directly influencing cellular function and the natural activation of the self-healing capabilities of the organism through resonance oscillations.

Its types: BRT using the organism’s own signals (working with internal = endogenous signals), or BRT using the rhythmical signals of the environment (working with external = exogenous signals) or system informational therapy stimulating the frequency range which is used in the information transfers of the subsystems of the organism.

Wirtum SPHERA™ operates on the advanced theory of external (exogenous) BRT by emitting a potential field.

Main characteristics of BRT
  • Works on the own signal level of the organism
  • Produces its effects through the so-called resonance-type interaction
  • Its effect is non-invasive; it does not intervene in the given system roughly, thus no harmful disorder is caused
  • It is safe because its low signal level can only cause adaptation reactions from the part of the treated organism, thus stimulation can be carried out in proportion to the available vital reserves (physical condition)

BRT can provide help in two ways: by stimulating the biological processes in the living organism, or by specifically activating the immune system of the organism through factors triggering biological or emotional stress. BRT can be combined successfully with other currently known medical or holistic therapeutic methods, and as a complementary treatment, it can decrease the side-effects of invasive methods (e.g. medicines, radiotherapy), stimulate the healing of bones and wounds and it can help the organism to overcome its state of shock. BRT is usually used in the form of electrotherapy, magnetotherapy (using pulsating magnetic field) or combined electromagnetic therapy. The devices use so-called extreme low intensity signals to achieve resonance. Stimulation leads to the strengthening of biological functions, the adaptability of the organism increases, and the self-regulating processes can apply their positive effects more powerfully.


Why is Wirtum SPHERA™ innovative?

Wirtum SPHERA™ differs from the currently available BRT devices using external (exogenous) signals in three aspects:

  • Although the device also operates on the principle of bioresonance, it creates a highly organised field with an internal structure, which has a greater biological efficiency than the pulsating electromagnetic vector field. This is called potential field. While the magnetic field primarily affects the bioenergetic system of the organism (for instance through the Lorentz force), the potential field created by Wirtum SPHERA™ increases the coherence of the bioinformatic system of the organism. Since the bioenergetic system is subordinated to the bioinformatic system in the operational hierarchy of the organism (because energy comes from information), the greater biological effect of the potential field can be easily understood.
  • Due to the special design of the emitter, the device creates a spherical protective field of a diameter of three meters.
  • It can be operated through a USB port, or by using an accumulator or the charger of the accumulator.

During the design phase, our guiding principles were simplicity, clarity and closeness to nature, which we wish to bring closer to the users of modern technology by the exclusive wooden design. The devices have their own serial numbers, have a unique design and three types of wooden covers (padauk, American walnut and beech), and are manufactured for personal use. Our development engineers calibrate all of our devices through a defined checking protocol. The premium category Wirtum SPHERA™ was born as a result of a two-year long development process. 


What is it good for?

In the 21st century, a huge burden weighs on the human organism because of the technical and industrial side effects of civilisation, and this burden compels us to make increased efforts to protect our health. Since these harmful effects do not cause an immediate disease, only minor attention is paid to them. However, tissues need active help because of the cumulative harmful effects. Wirtum SPHERA™ helps us to do everything for the preservation of our health. The device operates in the same vibration range that our organism uses to maintain the synchronisation of the complicated and fast biochemical processes in the cells.


How does it help?

Wirtum SPHERA™ provides extreme low intensity, precise electromagnetic signals, which can support the biological communication of cells and tissues. It facilitates the correct and synchronised process of biochemical reactions, and restores the self-healing capability of the organism, the health.

The operation of the device cannot be perceived directly; only slight bodily sensations (for example feeling of warmth, tingling, etc.) can result from the self-controlling, adapting processes.

Our feeling of comfort can be improved by the use of Wirtum SPHERA™ anytime, because the different programs can ensure that cells and tissues actually waiting for stimulation, receive better supply of information and refreshing.

This small device, which can be operated from an accumulator, can relieve anxiety and help to preserve health by neutralizing the effects of stress and electrosmog in living organisms.

Its aim is health protection, prevention of diseases and facilitating self-healing.


The theoretical background of the emitted program

The so-called Schumann resonances form the bases of the program, which were named after the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who mathematically proved their existence in 1952. Schumann resonances are electromagnetic frequencies of the sphere bordered by the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere.

Schumann resonances are constantly measured at several research stations on Earth. Its frequency falls into the range of extremely low frequencies, the average values of the frequencies are 7.83 Hz, 14.1 Hz and 20.3 Hz. Schumann resonances became the center of attention in 1978, when it was discovered that they correspond to the 7-10 Hz frequency of the alpha-waves of the human brain, which are developed on the boundary between sleep and the state of wakefulness in the hippocampus of the brain.

It has become well known by now that Schumann resonances embrace the whole planet, thus this resonance is the same in the case of every mammal on Earth, including humans. It was proved through experiments that the presence of these resonances is fundamentally indispensable to the life functions of mammals.

According to NASA observations conducted on space stations, the physiological process of humans can be deranged when lacking the harmonising Schumann resonances, thus space ships and space stations are provided with devices that generate an electromagnetic field identical with Schumann resonances, helping to maintain healthy life functions. This supports the efficiency of treatments that use the frequencies of Schumann resonances and brain waves.

Its effects: it energises, improves the quality of sleep and increases the capability for concentration, all in all: it harmonises.


The programs of Wirtum SPHERA™

  • Treatment with Schumann basic frequencies
  • Treatment with rain forest frequencies (brain frequencies supporting concentration)
  • Treatment with Schumann harmonic frequencies
  • Harmonising treatment (in the range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz, from which the organism selects the necessary harmonising support with the help of resonance)
  • Eye treatment (on the frequency of the operation of the eyes and the supporting organs)

After connecting the device to the USB port of a personal computer, laptop or TV, the 64-minute long program automatically starts, which harmonises, relieves stress and extinguishes the effects of electrosmog. The program is infinite, thus after the 64 minutes, it automatically restarts and continuously repeats itself. 


The use of the device and the users’ software

The basis of the operation of the device is a microprocessor, which creates the spherical protective field with a built-in, far-ranging emitter (antenna).

With the help of the users’ software that is available for download from the manufacturer’s website, the brightness and the pulsating frequency of the LED can be adjusted between 0 and 100%, and the pulsating frequency can be tuned to the rhythm of the frequency of the heart.

On one of its sides, there is a 3,5-mm stereo jack plug, to which external applicators can be connected; for instance, pillows, mattresses, water treatment devices, etc. (These are not included.) Exterior applicators significantly increase usability. The role of the aluminium water treatment applicator is extremely important, because it can help to develop cosmetics treated by information technology (e.g. creams, oils), homeopathic liquids can be produced, or an already existing product can be overwritten. The water treatment applicator can homoeopathically written materials containing bipolar-structured liquids (food, drinks, supplements, etc.) and precious metals as well (bracelets, rings, gold jewellery, etc.).


Power supply for Wirtum SPHERA™

  • From the USB port, when connected to other device
  • In mobile/portable mode from an accumulator: after 2 hours of charging, the device can continuously operate for at least 12 hours
  • From an accumulator charger in fixed state


The accessories of Wirtum SPHERA™

  • Accumulator made of the same wooden material
  • Protecting caps made of the same wooden material
  • Users’ software
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • USB connector
  • Hanger
  • Textile pouch
  • Manual



Wirtum SPHERA™ is not a medical device, but a wellness device operating on the principle of bioresonance, which facilitates the comfort of the organism, complements the medical healing process, but does not substitute medical treatments. If you are under medical treatment or taking medicines, please consult your physician or natural therapist about the use of the device. If you want to treat a disease with this device, please consult a specialist!




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