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The Wirtum


The Wirtum BioCybernetics Developer Ltd. develops, produces and sells a wellness device available for everyone, operating on the principle of bioresonance. Before establishing Wirtum, the researchers and developer experts of the company had been working together for nearly twenty years on different projects, and achieved significant national and international success. Wirtum Ltd. was established in 2014 as a family business in order to create a new generation of devices operating on the principle of bioresonance. The team consists of highly educated developer engineers, a programmer, a biologist, a therapeutist and an economist.


Business philosophy

The fundamental pillars of the work of Wirtum Ltd. are confidence, close cooperation and precision.

Our aims:

- Maintaining and increasing the satisfaction and confidence of our customers

- Constant motivation and training for our employees, providing a secure workplace and possibility for development

- Forming a successful long-term relationship with our cooperation partners

- Creating innovative, marketable products, which meet the expectations of the 21st century

- Use of environment-friendly technologies ensuring sustainable development


András Börcsök

Managing Director




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